Alaska Nellie 
was well known for her hospitality and somewhat sassy ways.  She entertained the likes of royalty, celebrities, movie stars and presidents. Her guest book read over 15,000 names. All visited the famous Alaska Nellie.

Nellie and Sister her pet rabbit
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Alaska Nellie
Alaska Nellie's personal story written in her own words. 

Nellie was one of Alaska’s most charismatic, admired and famous pioneers. She was the first woman ever hired by the U.S. Government in Alaska in 1916. She was contracted to feed the hungry crews on the long awaited Alaska railroad connecting Seward to Anchorage. The conditions were harsh and supplies were limited. She delivered many of her meals by dogsled, fighting off moose attacks and hazards of the trail, often during below-zero blizzards. She always brought with her a great tale to tell of her adventures along the trail, how she had wrestled with Grizzlies, fought off moose and caught the worlds largest salmon for their dinner, always in the old sourdough tradition. The workers listened and laughed with every delicious bite.
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